Selected finalist for the 27th Annual Wallace Art Awards by Sam Foley

All your hopes and fears will be realised (Club de Visionaere, Fluchtgraben, Berlin)

Moving Image Painting, 170 x 100cm

For the 7th year now, Sam Foley has been a selected finalist for this important competition and traveling exhibition, featuring prominently on the NZ Arts calendar. 

The Exhibition of Winners and Selected Finalists will then travel on to Pātaka, in Porirua, where it will be shown from the 16th of December 2018 – the 24th of March 2019.  After this the Exhibition will travel to the Suter Art Gallery in Nelson, COCA in Christchurch and then back to the Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville.

Painting Bohemian Precinct, Otago Daily Times, 2/11/17 by Sam Foley

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Living and working in Dowling St for more than 15 years has inspired Dunedin artist Sam Foley to capture the environment on canvas, he tells Rebecca Fox.

Standing on the deck of Sam Foley's warehouse apartment in Dowling St, it's not hard to see where he gets his inspiration from.

A glance down a nearby void reveals the red brick wall covered in ivy featured in Alley (back of Milford House). Look over the rooftops and you see the tower looming in Periscope Up (back of Tower House).

It is views like those and ones he sees every day that led him to create his latest exhibition, ''Dowling Street''.

''I've been thinking about it for a long time and I've painted a few locations in and around here before.''

Selected Finalist in the 2017 Wallace Art Awards by Sam Foley

Moving Image Painting, 170 x 100cm (digital projection on oil on canvas)

Wallace Art Award Entry 2017

Dunedin trio in Wallace Art Awards

Artists Sam Foley, Justin Spiers and Alex Lovel-Smith made the cut along with Dunedin-born, Auckland-based artist Jodie Salmond, Auckland artist Yonel Watene, who has been working in Dunedin and former Dunedin School of Art student Pete Wheeler, who is now based in Berlin.

Otago Daily Times, Thursday 31 August 2017

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Top class exhibitions for Pataka by Sam Foley


Artist Sam Foley in front of one of his paintings destined for the Pataka exhibition.

Artist Sam Foley in front of one of his paintings destined for the Pataka exhibition.

Sam Foley's exhibition Moving Image Paintings: Past to Present is not to be missed. 

Foley's solo exhibition opens at Pataka on November 29 and runs until February 7. It comprises a selected survey of his paintings with animated projections as they have evolved over the last eight years.

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New paintings Exhibition opening 13th August, Switzerland by Sam Foley

'This exhibition marks my return to Solothurn after last years Altes Spital residency, with a collection of works that look closely at the historically famous brunnen (fountains) that pepper this beautiful baroque city. I tend to step back to paint a landscape. Here, stepping forward to where water meets water and light plays across the surface, this exploration is a move away from my usual approach, more still-life than landscape painting.'

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