Nordic Projections / by Sam Foley

By Sam Foley, Art News NZ, Spring 2012, p108-111

(Article fragment) Sitting on the plane, waiting to leave Dunedin airport on the first leg of the 40 or so hours to Oslo, Norway, a couple of things occured to me.  Firstly, the fact that I usually forget to take one or two things with me, usually a toothbrush or some other toiletry item. Maybe a charger of some description. Even a passport once.  If I can get away with only a toothbrush then I’m doing well, as the logistics of the trip so far have been quite overwhelming.

Ten months earlier I’d picked up a commission from the Lom Koummune (a regional council about 350 km northwest of Oslo)  to produce 10 large (2.5 x 1.5m) multimedia landscapes of their breathtaking countryside. It wcas never going to be an easy project...