Painting to Be Auctioned for Otago Medical Research Fundraiser by Sam Foley

                                               Main Track, Ross Creek Reserve, oil on canavs, 200 x 119cm

                                               Main Track, Ross Creek Reserve, oil on canavs, 200 x 119cm

This painting is going under the hammer for charity at the Otago Medical Research fundraising dinner, A Night to Remember, being held this coming Friday 20th of February in Dunedin's Town Hall. Someone could definitely pick up a bargain whilst supporting this extremely worthy cause.

Update - The painting sold for a record price of $14000, raising much needed funding for this acutely important charity.

Nordic Projections by Sam Foley

By Sam Foley, Art News NZ, Spring 2012, p108-111

(Article fragment) Sitting on the plane, waiting to leave Dunedin airport on the first leg of the 40 or so hours to Oslo, Norway, a couple of things occured to me.  Firstly, the fact that I usually forget to take one or two things with me, usually a toothbrush or some other toiletry item. Maybe a charger of some description. Even a passport once.  If I can get away with only a toothbrush then I’m doing well, as the logistics of the trip so far have been quite overwhelming.

Ten months earlier I’d picked up a commission from the Lom Koummune (a regional council about 350 km northwest of Oslo)  to produce 10 large (2.5 x 1.5m) multimedia landscapes of their breathtaking countryside. It wcas never going to be an easy project...


Experiments with colour and light by Sam Foley

By T.J.McNamara, The NZ Herald, 20th July 2008, pB10

(Article fragment)

The work of Sam Foley at Whitespace focuses on one kind of realistic image and the projection is something added experimentally.

His technically brilliant works show paths through the beech forests of the South Island. The paths have a slight sense of symbolism as he paints the dappled light through the trees and the patterns of the trunks reaching upward.

The paintings are of an impressive size and the handling of paint is a virtuoso performance. In a work in the window, the pattern of leaves give a real sense of delight in the act of painting.